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한국신용데이터/ Korea Credit Data

Korea Credit Data provides business management software CashNote.

Since its launch in 2017, Cashnote currently services over 500,000 small & medium-sized businesses with more than $9B in monthly transaction data volume under management. The company has raised $20M from leading strategic investors, including Kakao, KT, and ShinhanCard.

뱅크샐러드/ Banksalad

“Banksalad is Korea’s leading data driven personal finance management app.

Banksalad is a data-based financial platform that records and analyzes customers’ financial data - based on the input data, Banksalad provides personalized financial diagnosis and optimized financial product recommendations.

Banksalad has achieved 6 million downloads as of December 2019, recording a steady 30% mom growth since launch. Total user input financial data / AUM has exceeded 180 billion USD. In 2019, the company received 45M USD in investment, putting the company’s value at approximately 300M USD.  “

세나클소프트/ Cenaclesoft

Cenaclesoft Inc. develops and operates a cloud based EMR healthcare software.

Cenaclesoft is a digital healthcare service company founded by highly experienced IT service professionals. The company provides an everyday communication-based healthcare platform that enables various participants, such as doctors and patients, to communicate and collaborate with each other.

The first step is to launch a more user-friendly and secure cloud-based EMR (Electronic Medical Record) service for physicians during the first half of 2020, and to launch a PHR (Personal Health Record) service for individuals in the second half of 2020.

크래프트테크놀로지스/ Qraft Technologies

Qraft Technologies uses AI technology to power new and revolutionary investment management tools.

Qraft Technologies has listed the world’s first deep learning-based fully AI managed ETF “QRFT” on NYSE, and has since then also listed AI ETFs such as AMOM and HDIV.

In addition, Qraft Technologies comprises over 80% of South Korea’s B2B roboadvisor industry AUM and also owns a world-class AI execution engine that helps corporates optimize various operational business trading routines.

Gradient Boosted Investments/ Gradient Boosted Investments

Gradient Boosted Investments, a Canadian technology company, develops financial AI intelligence service “Boosted.ai.”

Boosted.ai helps investment managers easily acquire real-time data, test diverse investment strategies, and guide them to make better investment decisions.

Investment managers are able to leverage machine learning technology without any technology background, thus enabling funds and managers to be more competitive than peers in their execution.

FounderNest/ FounderNest

FounderNest is an AI driven startup discovery platform, where corporates and investors are able to build a set of company information/startup deal pipeline based on their specified preferences.

Whereas engaging with startups and scaleups has become both a need and an opportunity in an increasingly competitive corporate environment, finding and connecting with that company that perfectly fits corporates’ needs is extremely difficult. FounderNest’s AI Scout™ discovers the best-fitting disruptive companies for corporations, helps connect with them; and tracks them over time. AI Scout™ tracks over 1,000,000 companies worldwide (with 20M+ data points and 5M+ smart insights.)

To-date, FounderNest has acquired many leading corporates and VCs as their clients such as Roche, Novo Nordisk, Société Générale, Allianz, Accenture, Capital One, Mitsubishi, Sequoia, NEA, a16z, MAPFRE, Founders Fund, and First Round.

Co-founded by Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia graduates, FounderNest is based in California and Madrid and is backed by top Silicon Valley investors who have also invested in Paypal, Waze, Palantir, Square, or Pinterest.

인포마이닝/ Infomining

Infomining provides vital sign measurement wearable and software “Hearty Hearty.” Its product aims at better detecting body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar level, pulse, blood oxygen level, ECG real-time so that these vital signs can signal to physicians and hospitals the current state of their patients. Infomining envisions to be an integral part of telemedicine as these vital signs are an indispensable piece of personal healthcare.

Infomining is working with Samsung Hospital, Asan Hospital, Severance Hospital, KUMC, Bumin Hospital to acquire the medical device license and commercialize its product.

AvoMD/ AvoMD

AvoMD provides a clinical decision support system publishing platform for physicians, clinics, and hospitals. Existing clinical decision support systems(CDSS) were underused due to its limitations in usage cases, misrepresentation of clinical workflows, and low interoperability with other information systems. AvoMD offers an easy-to-use and very interoperable CDSS that clinicians and physicians can publish according to their own needs and clinical workflows.

Led by a team of medical doctors and software experts, AvoMD is collaborating with numerous hospitals in the USA and Korea, such as Samsung Seoul Hospital, Pfizer, PM Pediatrics, and Columbia University Hospital.

ViFive/ ViFive

ViFive provides a virtual clinic for musculoskeletal disorders(MSK disorders). As one of the most prevalent disorders worldwide, MSK disorders require consistent care and preventive measures; however, in-person visits to clinics have always become an obstacle to consistent care. ViFive revolutionizes MSK disorder treatment by offering a virtual clinic with a simple application that helps patients to carry out exercise programs that PT and DPTs have preplanned.

ViFive envisions becoming a human physio-wellness company by providing accessible, affordable, and patient-centered healthcare solutions.

리벨리온/ Rebellions

Rebellions designs AI processors while developing software optimized for its AI semiconductors. AI processor is a semiconductor that maximizes computational capability to implement AI’s core technologies such as learning and inferencing, and it has an advantage in speed, efficiency, and power consumption over CPU or GPU.

Rebellions aims to design AI processors specializing in certain areas, produce optimal performance, and develop Application-Specific AI semiconductors for each industry. Starting with the financial sector, Rebellions is planning to develop AI processors that can be used for data centers and autonomous driving in the future. The financial-specific AI processor currently being developed by Rebellions is expected to drastically reduce the time it takes to analyze transaction patterns and execute investments while creating transaction data that has never existed before.

사운더블헬스/ Soundable Health

Soundable Health develops clinical-grade digital audible biomarkers from ambient sound to track chronic symptoms. Sounds carry a substantial amount of health-related information, but significantly underutilized since traditional stethoscopes. In the power of the most modernized AI technology, Soundable Health reinterprets our ancient instinct, sense of hearing.

The company believes that its sound AI technology will help patients and clinicians to make better care decisions timely with full daily pictures of symptoms in the most natural, non-obtrusive way.

끌림벤처스/ Klim ventures

Klim ventures is a venture accelerator operating under the core mission of helping startups and society create a healthy society.
Klim’s reason for existence lies in being a partner throughout the long and tumultuous entrepreneurship journey, putting particular focus on building a strong and long lasting camaraderie.
Key investment areas include AI & robotics, digital healthcare and digital commerce, with portfolios such as AIRS medical, Rapport Labs, Levit, DoBrain and Next Chapter.

이노크라스/ INOCRAS

INOCRAS (formerly Genome Insight) provides whole genome sequencing service to analyze the entire 3 billion DNA sequences and identify any structural or copy-number variations.
Until recently, whole genome sequencing has not been fully utilized due to its vast amount of data and high complexity.
With its data analytics platform, INOCRAS will enable personalized treatments for cancer and rare-disease patients and improve the quality of clinical trials for new drugs.

Eventually, INOCRAS aspires to bring the foundation of next-generation medicine to the world by providing the most compelling genomic technologies and essential multi-dimensional big-data. “

SoftEye/ SoftEye

SoftEye develops a low-power always-on-video solution tailored for portable devices (smartphones, smart glasses, etc.)
Real-time computer vision on portable devices impose unique technological challenges to achieve low-power usage, fast AI processing, and privacy protection at the same time.
SoftEye is overcoming such challenges by taking an integrative approach to develop both AI SW and HW image sensor architecture tailored for the always-on-video solution.

달파/ Dalpha

Dalpha builds machines that can do what humans can do, faster and better.
Dalpha’s vision is to create an integrated framework that makes AI technology easy to use, and to democratize the MLOps platform. Dalpha creates an environment where it takes less time and resources to adopt and manage AI.
As a first step, Dalpha is exploring opportunities in areas where unnecessarily excessive labor costs can be easily replaced by AI, and plans to automate the post-management of AI models through its own framework in the near future.

Glassdome/ Glassdome

Glassdome’s smart factory solution enables seamless data-driven insights with minimum operational disruptions.
Its proprietary data acquisition device is universally compatible with major equipment and real-time data is then seamlessly provided to clients through a customizable cloud-based SaaS platform.
By effectively reducing barriers to data utilization, Glassdome empowers manufacturers to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Reliv AI/ Reliv AI

Reliv AI provides a tool that automates the testing process for web and app services.

In the context of the essential need to conduct service tests to prevent unexpected errors during operation, Reliv AI allows users, including those without a development background, to easily manage tests through screen recording. Moreover, it builds a model capable of automatically incorporating changes in screen configuration or functionality into the test code, thereby streamlining the service testing procedure.



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