Dunamu & Partners stands alongside exceptional entrepreneurs who have a clear problem statement and aspire to drive positive disruption.

We place the highest value on identifying and partnering with entrepreneurs who are empowered with domain expertise, executional finesse and the highest standards of integrity.

We strive to be an indispensable part of the entrepreneur’s journey to success, whether it be playing the role of a supportive confidant or providing the timely network and resources to expand on a local and global basis.

Blockchain & Fintech investments

Data & AI investments

Consumer Services investments


Hyung Sik Kim

Hyung Sik Kim

/ Qraft Technologies
Our global business expansion partner

Dunamu & Partners has been critical to our global expansion activities - their expansive global finance network and global market research insight has been core to our success in securing global business opportunities.

Although many investors claim to provide value additive input, Dunamu & Partners is truly a core investor who is qualified to this statement.

Not just a financial investor, Dunamu & Partners is a business partner to us and we sincerely appreciate their contribution to our growth!

Hyungwoo Kim

Hyungwoo Kim

/ Mobile Toong
Partners on our road to unicorn status

Dunamu & Partners has been with us from birth to current growth stage, a true witness of our company’s growth history.

Their investment in us in the seed stage was prompt and decisive, possible because of their deep understanding of the fintech landscape and faith in how our company was aiming to address a critical issue in the industry. Post investment, they have fully leveraged their network to help us gain significant business opportunities.

Dunamu & Partners has been the best partner for us thus far, and we look forward to growing with them as we work towards building a unicorn startup!

Tae-hoon Kim

Tae-hoon Kim

/ Rainist
Full faith and support in entrepreneur's vision

No matter how experienced an entrepreneur is, an entrepreneur and the company are bound to face challenges as we navigate a new business territory and disrupt the waters of a traditional industry.

Even midst many uncertainties, Dunamu & Partners has always fully supported us and provided the foundation for us to concentrate on our core business.

If there is a true partner who will continue to accompany us throughout this endeavor, I believe it is Dunamu & Partners.

Michelle Jung

Michelle Jung

/ Fabric Time
Investors who provide practical business insight

Dunamu & Partners provides us with practical and strategic input on matters critical to our business operations such as marketing analysis, product strategy and fundraising.

They are always available to help at arm’s length, provide sincere opinions on issues no matter how small or big, and contribute the right business and emotional support for entrepreneurs.

Thank you for the trust and support in us, and we are thankful to have Dunamu & Partners by our side.

DH Kim

DH Kim

/ Finhaven
Sincere and trustworthy business partners

From our previous investor experience, many VCs claim to be sincere partners for entrepreneurs and companies.
But not many are able to truly meet this expectation.

Dunamu & Partners has kept true to this word, giving us full support midst a long and complicated business endeavor. Thank you!



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